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Home Owners

Independent Protection Co., Inc. (IPC) has been protecting homes and residences from the damaging effects of lightning since 1934. "The Golden Rule" still remains our company philosophy as we strive to treat all our customers the way we would want to be treated.

IPC designs and manufactures equipment used in lightning protection systems, but we do not make the actual system installation. The installation is provided by one of our independent dealer contractors that are located around the country. They are knowledgeable of the standards and trained and experienced in making installations. The dealer contractor will provide any price estimates or proposals directly to you.

Why you should protect your home:

IPC possesses one of the most complete manufacturing and engineering facilities for lightning protection. Our staff stands ready to assist you in whatever capacity you may need. Our network of trained authorized dealer/contractors is strategically placed throughout the country to provide fast and immediate response to an on-site installation need.

We thank you for your interest in IPC and hope to hear from you soon. Please take an opportunity to learn more about lightning and lightning protection from other information shown here on our web site



Lightning Safety Tips

Following are some helpful safety tips to follow if thunderstorms are approaching. Your personal safety and protection is very important during thunderstorms. By knowing what to do and what not to do, helps prevent you from being injured.

If you are caught outside, seek cover indoors immediately. First, try and seek a lightning protected facility. The next best option is a steel framed structure or other type of enclosed building.

Following are some additional safety tips for you.


  • Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Avoid being near electrical outlets, appliances or equipment.
  • If the thunderstorm is present, do not unplug TVs, telephones, stereos or other electrical appliances.
  • Stay away from plumbing, avoid running water and do not take a shower or bath.
  • Do not use a corded telephone during a storm except for emergency purposes.


  • If caught outside, seek cover indoors as quickly as possible.
  • Do not stand under a tree for cover. Taller objects are struck more frequently.
  • Seek shelter in a hard topped car.
  • Do not use an umbrella, golf club, lawn mower, bicycle or similar objects.
  • Avoid metal objects such as fences, bleachers or tall poles.
  • If swimming or boating, seek shelter on land as quickly as possible.
  • If caught in an open field, crouch low and keep your legs close together.

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